Thursday 13 December 2018
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egypttoday - 1 month ago

Moderate weather on Monday, Cairo 25°C

CAIRO - 12 November 2018: Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA) expects moderate weather on Egypt’s northern coast, Cairo and the rest of country on Monday, Nov. 12 during the day-time, and cold weather is predicted across Egypt at night.

Fog will affect visibility over the northern parts and in Upper Egypt in the morning, while low and medium- clouds cover the north, accompanied by rainfall on the northern coast. Winds are mostly northwesterly and moderate in strength.

Meanwhile, waves in the Mediterranean Sea will be light to moderate and will range between 1 to 1.5 meters, accompanied by southeasterly wind on the surface, while waves in the Red Sea will be light to moderate, ranging between 1 to 1.5 meters, with northwesterly wind on the surface.

Temperatures for the following cities are predicted to be as follows:

Cairo: 25°C- 16 °C
Alexandria: 24°C - 14°C
Damietta: 24°C - 19°C
Luxor: 44°C - 28°C
Aswan: 28°C - 16°C
Qena: 27°C - 14°C
Ismailia: 26°C - 14°C
Port Said: 24°C - 21°C
Fayoum: 25°C - 15°C
Zagazig: 24°C - 16°C
Hurghada: 28°C - 18°C
Sharm El-Sheikh: 29 °C - 21°C
Al-Minya: 25°C - 14°C
Taba: 24°C - 19°C
Beni Suef: 25°C - 15°C
Marsa Alam: 27°C -19°C
Suez: 25°C - 15°C
Halayeb: 26°C - 23°C
Shalateen: 29°C - 20°C
Ras Sudr: 26°C - 17°C

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