Monday 22 October 2018
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Police arrest murderers of Giza children, mother involved

CAIRO - 14 July 2018: Giza General Directorate of Investigation announced Saturday the arrest of three persons, two women and one man, involved in the death of the children.

Previously Saturday, police unveiled the mystery of the three killed children found on Marioteya Road, Giza, saying that it was an attempt by mother of the children to get rid of their bodies after being burnt and have suffocated to death in fires caught their apartment.

“By focusing the search, we found out that the children were burnt and suffocated to death after fires broke out in their apartment while the mother was absent,” a security source told Egypt Today, adding that the mother thrown away the children’s bodies with her lady not to be legally prosecuted.

The third suspect is the driver of the rickshaw seen throwing the dead bodies in the morning of July 10, who turned himself in and identified the women, denying being aware of their crime. “I only gave them a lift,” he told investigators.

On July 10, three dead children of age less than five years old were found inside black trash bags thrown in the streets on Marioteya Road, Giza, where some people have recognized some stray dogs gathering around trash bags that morning.

The bodies were badly decomposed which indicates that the children died a few days ago, according to security investigations. The forensic report proved that the children were burnt and suffocated to death, suggesting that they were trapped in a place where a fire broke out.

A committee of many high-ranking security officers was formed to investigate the mysterious death of the three children, hear eyewitnesses, and check the surveillance cameras positioned near the scene.

Organ trade which dominated Egyptian people’s minds especially over the past few years has caused many people to think that the children were victimized by organ trafficking gangs. The youngest of the three children was only one and a half

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