Friday 19 October 2018
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1 dead and 8 injured: Snakes attack an Egyptian village

CAIRO – 15 July 2018: A 17- year-old boy lost his life early this month due to a snake bite in Minyat Assa’id village, Beheria governorate in North Egypt.

A number of villagers in Minyat Assa’id have been attacked by snakes during this eight were injured.

The snakes are spread in different parts of the village due to the presence of some deserted places such as drainage canals, according to some villagers.

The injured are sent to Al Mahmoudia Public Hospital, which is eight kilometers away from the village, as there is no health unit inside the village, causing a lack of first aids and antitoxins. Mahmoudia Public Hospital treats those who are exposed to snake bites with anti-snake venom serum and Antihypertensives.

How residents of the village deal with snakes

The residents of the village hunted about 60 snakes during the last two weeks, in a very primitive way and have killed them, putting the villagers at risk. Some snake hunters from different villages came to offer help hunting the snakes.

People try to hunt snakes amidst crops and fields, especially in the hot summer, to prevent them reaching their houses, where most consist of one floor.

Picture: Residents of the village hunt the snakes/ CC ET
Snake-hunting professionals and experts said that hunting snakes requires professional ways to keep the hunters safe from snakes’ attacks.

Islam Maghraby, a snake hunter who came from another village to offer his help, said that the village needs excavators to remove the pile of sand that accumulated years ago and which is a habitat for snakes.

Hunting snakes: Eggs vs. Tuna

Beheira governor Nadia Abdo formed a specialized technical committee that includes representatives from Al Mahmoudia city local unit, directorates of veterinary medicine, health and agriculture, and professors from the Faculty of Agriculture at Damanhour University.

The c

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